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Progressives need to unite against criminals who bomb universities in Iraq

Patrickm at Last Superpower has written an article about the recent bombing of a Baghdad university.

The article has also been posted at this thread at Larvatus Prodeo, the Brisbane liberal-left blog, who recently wrote a wonderful article attacking-yet-promoting Last Superpower.

It starts:

I want to propose that we engage in a little clear thinking about the latest cowardly attack on students and staff at a University in Iraq.

I believe this attack is just another little 9/11, and also believe that no one posting on this thread would offer any support for it. It is not any unfortunate mistake from a ‘brave resistance’ against a foreign occupation. This deliberate targeting of civilians is mass murder, pure and simple. People who perpetrate such crimes are the direct enemy of all progressives the world over. I am prepared to unite with other people who have disagreed with my views of history in order to defeat this enemy now. It will be a protracted struggle, and it urgently requires support from progressive people everywhere.

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