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Iraq War: "Larvatus Prodeo" debate

Larvatus Prodeo ('Always go Masked') is a Brisbane blog that discusses politics - they are 'left-liberal' (which means they call Australian Prime Minister John Howard and US President George W Bush rude names, but they think that capitalism is here to stay).

I have been debating the Iraq War there , especially on this monster-sized thread called 'Scourging the Surge'.

It's quite interesting to be in a tiny minority there. Most of the commenters on the site assume that the Iraq war was wrong, and when you argue that it was justified, you cop quite a lot of sneering abuse for it.

It's a long, meaty discussion, with 172 comments (so far) over 11 days. If you'd like to see an example of both pro and anti war people having their arguments challenged, instead of both just repeating themselves to people who already agree with them, it's well worth a look.

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