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Andrew Johns: STFU Australia - None of your business

The personal troubles of Andrew Johns are none of Australia's business.

Shut the f**k up. Unless you are family, or a close friend or very close colleague, it's got nothing to do with you.

I'm tired of your self-righteous posturing over the fallen "role-model".

Find your own path in life, and teach your kids that as well. In particular, learn well that people you admire might not be all you think. Deal with it.

Two final thoughts.

1) This story broke after Johns was stopped by a "routine" police stop-and-search operation at Kings Cross station after the Notting Hill Carnival. Given that the Carnival is a major event of London's Carribbean community, is this a case of Johns being caught up in a racial-profiling operation?

2) How was this made public? Was it from someone in the police?

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Debt Relief - not helping Africa, says Ghanaian film

Last Superpower points to two articles from spiked online magazine saying that debt relief is not helping Africa to develop the industry it needs to be rich.

One article is by Ghanaian film-maker and teacher, De Roy Kwesi Andrew, called "You hate being affluent? Then swap with us", where he argues that industrial development is exactly what Africa needs, and that the debt-relief/Live8 approach is grossly inadequate.

Andrew's article is about a lecture tour he did in the UK, promoting the film "Damned by Debt Relief". A short version of the film, placed on YouTube by YouTuber worldwrite (the producers) is below:


FLASH: US Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales resigns

Via the BBC breaking news twitter account, and the Houston Chronicle, comes the breaking news that US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned.

Mr Gonzales has spent many months dogged by controversy over the sacking of 8 US Attorneys.

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