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A Brief History of Creation Science

Just found this rather good video by YouTube user sapperbloggs.

In his commentary on the video, he says:

A brief history of Creation Science, and why the USSR is to blame for starting it all. [NB this is not as crazy as it sounds - watch the video - DJ]

If you wish to refute a point made in this video, please do so.
If you wish to use bible verses to refute a point made in this video, I will direct you to a video I made called... 'Why I think you're a twat'

The bulk of the information here is from a lecture given by Dr Martin Bridgstock, a senior lecturer at Griffith Uni in Brisbane. That said, my opinions are MY opinions, not his.


Brisbane Politics: Anonymous Anti-Scientology Rally May 10 2008 Brisbane, Australia

On Saturday May 10, Anonymous groups around the world protested aganst the "Church" of Scientology's "Fair Game Stop" policy. This report has photos and video from the protest in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Attendees included Yoshi and a redshirt, and there was rickrolling.

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Brisbane Politics - Cyclist Protest Ride by CBDBUG

Via Public Polity:

Call TONIGHT if you want to go on this ride - the phone number is below.

Calling all cyclists who are fed up with Local and State Government failures to provide safe and direct routes for Brisbane cyclists.

Detours of bikeways due to major infrastructure projects like the North South Bypass Tunnel, AirportLink and Northern Busway are severely impacting upon the ability of cyclists to ride in safety, particularly on Brisbane’s north side - which is already poorly served for cycling access.

A protest ride is being organised by the Central Business District Bicycle User Group (CBDBUG) to highlight the frustrations of cyclists and the dangers we face.

Time: Friday 9 May 2008. 4:15pm for a 4:30pm start.

Meeting Point: Corner Gregory Tce and Bowen Bridge Rd Herston

Route: Bowen Bridge Rd Herston to Federation St Lutwyche and back to Gregory Tce (Total Distance: 3km)

(Click here for a Google Map of the starting point and the route)

The ride is pro-cycling, not anti-infrastructure development (although we would like a more balanced development)

A media release will be organised as part of the protest, highlighting these issues - we need a decent turnout by cyclists riding on the day to really make our point.

The ride will not go ahead unless we have at least 20 confirmed starters, so please RSVP to John Lister on john@whcp.com.au or 0428 667 827 by Wednesday 7 May 2008.

All riders must adhere to Qld Road Rules and ensure that you:

* Wear an approved and fastened bike helmet at all times
* Have a bell or horn in working order
* Do not ride more than two abreast

For more information on the CBD BUG visit us at http://www.cbdbug.org.au or the CBDBUG blog at http://cbdbug.blogspot.com, or email convenors@cbdbug.org.au


Brisbane Politics: May 1968 Seminar, Friday 16th May, Ahimsa House, West End

Via Public Polity:

Paris 68-08. Was 1968 the most revolutionary year of the 20th Century?

When: 16th May, Friday 6:30pm

Where: Emma Goldman Room, Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St, West End (Click here for a Google Map)

A forum on the world-wide struggles and themes which were raised in that year and have continued through to the present.

Speakers from these sponsoring groups:

Brisbane Labour History Association, Institute for Social Ecology, Rank
and File Group, 17 Group, The Greens, Indigenous Activists.

Speakers will include:

There will be ample opportunity for participation from the body of
the meeting. All are welcome to speak in this two hour seminar on 1968
and the late 60s generally. Live music and records from the time. BYO
and food available.


Brisbane Politics - Anonymous' AntiScientology March, Saturday May 10th.

Via the Brisbane Anonymous website (but I put the links in):

In Anonymous’ continuing efforts against the Cult of Scientology, Anonymous is holding its fourth global protest. Taking place on May 10th, it will be aimed at exposing the tactics used by the Cult of Scientology to silence its critics and media investigating the cult.

The Brisbane chapter of Anonymous will be marching through the streets of Brisbane in support of this message, and members of the media and the public are welcomed to join in with us.

Fair Game Stop will be a parody on the name ‘Fair Game’ and thus a ‘Game’ and ‘Computer Game’ styling will be prevalent.

When: 10:30am to 3pm May 10

Assembly Point: Post Office Square - Assembling at 10:30, speeches at 10:45 and marching at 11. (Click here for a Google Map)

Marching to: Brisbane Square, along Elizabeth Street.

Marching back: 2:30pm to Post Office Square again, along Adelaide Street, with speeches etc.

  • Masks
  • Flyers
  • Signs (No wooden sticks please)
  • Something game related (Games will be played on the day)
  • Food/water
  • A fun attitude