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Brisbane's Invasion Day Rally, March and other activities - Friday January 26th 2007

Marchers outside Charlotte St carpark - Justice for Mulrunji Rally at Queens Park and March through Brisbane City, Australia, November 18 2006

January 26th is a public holiday for Australia Day, the 219th anniversary of white settlement in Australia. Not surprisingly, Aboriginal people don't see it as a day of celebration, and they have organised 'Invasion Day' activities. One of the reasons will be to keep the pressure on the Government over the death in custody of Aboriginal man Mulrunji.

7 AM: City Post Office, Queen St Mall - click here to see the exact location

Moment's silence and ceremony to honour Dundalee, on the spot of his hanging in 1855. Dundalee was an Aboriginal warrior who fought against European encroachment and was hanged for his trouble.

10 AM: Parliament House, George St - click here to see the exact location

Rally and speakers.

11 AM: March from Parliament House to Police HQ, Roma St - click here to see the route of the march.

Speakers and ceremony outside Police HQ.

11.30 AM: March from Police HQ to Musgrave Park, Cordelia St, South Brisbane - click here to see the likely route

12 PM - 4 PM - Community BBQ and entertaiment at Musgrave Park, South Brisbane - click here to see the exact location.

Everyone is welcome - for more details you can call Sam Watson on his mobile:
0401 227 443 (+61 401 227 443)

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