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Racist Bigot sets up "Boong Drunk" Facebook page for people to become fans of - Please RT

Some racist bigot on Facebook has set up a page where people can become a fan of being "Boong Drunk". A counter-page has been set up calling for the first page to be banned.

The delightful picture used as the logo for the page

If you'd like to report this page to Facebook as being inappropriate because it's bigoted and racist, click on the link above to go to the page and hit the "Report" button, shown in this screenshot with a big red circle around it:

201103 0715 Boong Drunk Facebook page screenshot

Just in case you're unaware, "Boong" is a highly offensive term for Aboriginal Australians. You may want to click on the "thumbs up icon there for the non-offensive definitions and the "thumbs down" icon there for the offensive ones.