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"Consciousness" - Brisbane musician Paul Childers played some music last night, and I helped him record it.

Paul Childers, Brisbane organic slash experimental blues artist - 070106, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Paul Childers is the core of 'Lightbulb', a Brisbane organic/experimental blues project. Last night I did the button-pressing on the computer to help him record a new song called 'Consciousness'.

Click here to visit Lightbulb's myspace page. 'Consciousness' is not on the page yet (as of Sunday January 7th 2007) but you can listen to another song, 'Transition'.

Click here to see Paul Childers' page at LastFm.

Making Music - Paul Childers records 'Consciousness' - 070106, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-1

Insanely expensive and sophisticated recording equipment - Paul Childers records 'Consciousness', January 6th 2007 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

As you can see, we had a highly professional studio and equipment to work with. Not. Paul played the rythym track first, and he recorded it directly into the microphone.

I used 'Audacity', the free digital sound editing program to work with the tracks.

After the rythym track was recorded, we used a dictaphone to record the track onto cassette tape, so that Paul could listen to the rythym while he played the lead track and I recorded it.

Making Music - Paul Childers records 'Consciousness' - 070106, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-3

Once we had recorded Paul playing the lead track as well, I used Audacity to mix the two tracks together. I did a little bit of adjusting sound levels, and then we exported the song as an MP3 file and burned it onto a CD.

The night's work - Making Music - Paul Childers records 'Consciousness' - 070106, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-4

And now a message from odeo.com - Making Music - Paul Childers records 'Consciousness' - 070106, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-5

powered by ODEO

And then I uploaded the song to Odeo Studio - and you can listen to it right now if you press 'play' on the player just above. (You'll need Flash installed on your browser).

Enjoy the music.

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Amanda said...

Sounds really good.

I have Audacity, a computer, a microphone and a dictaphone -- all I need now is the musical talent. D'oh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul - That song had a great experimental sound!!! Well done!!!
Someone should sign you up on a record deal dude!!! Peace : )