Politics, Activism, Culture and Fun in Brisbane, Australia.
How will we take over the world and run it ourselves
instead of having to work for the bosses who own everything?
One thing's for sure - we'll need exciting, powerful,
curious and free people on our side, not the boring pseudo-left

Brisbane's DJ Maxwell, DMC Championship 2007 contender, shows his scratching style

DJ Maxwell is aiming for the 2007 DMC Championships - here are the details from the 2006 comp.

You can find out more at DJ Maxwell's myspace page - just click here.

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Andrew Bentalia said...

While I applaud your enthusiastic championing of the rights of human beings I feel duty bound to warn you that choosing the Marxist path will lead you into Satan's arms.

The Marxists have slaughtered over 700000000000 people in the twentieth and nineteenth centuries alone. Figures on their crimes for the preceeding centuries are not available either becuase of bad record keeping or maybe because of conspiracy and infiltration.

Choose the path of Jesus and love your fellow man. Give the police flowers and hugs not the finger.

God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

How about the countless number murdered in the name of christ?
The Pope blessed Franco, trujilo and Pinochet. Now there some very naughty boys!