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Brisbane Murri Activist Sam Watson says Mulrunji's killer should be sacked from the police force today.

Dave Riley at the Socialist Alliance Brisbane website reports that Murri activist Sam Watson talked about Queensland Police Senior Sergeant Hurley, who the deputy coroner says killed Murri man Mulrunji two years ago on Palm Island, North Queensland.

Watson was at an Alliance meeting last Wednesday, October 4th.

The key point was that Watson is calling for the sacking and charging of Hurley, which sounds reasonable. But the Labor Government in Queensland has never really dominated the police, and are probably afraid of what the police will do back to them, if they sack a cop who the deputy coroner says bashed a black man to death. The Police Union president, Gary Wilkinson is already calling the deputy coroner's enquiry a witch-hunt.

If a lot of people put a lot of pressure on the Government, we could do something, but it won't be a walkover.

Watson asked people to sign a petition and get other people to sign it too, and get it to the rally on Tuesday. There is also a public meeting at noon on Friday at Jagara Community Hall, Musgrave Park, West End.

You can read a rushed transcript here (2 200 words on the net the day after the meeting, not an easy job). Or if you go to the main report, you can listen to a recording of Sam Watson's calm yet passionate speech to the meeting.

Or you can press 'play' right here:

BTW I did not record this or even attend the meeting - Dave Riley's report uses a recording of Sam Watson's speech that is stored on Odeo, which means anyone can put it on their website.

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