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Utterz can make moblogging much easier if you post to more than one of your blogs from a mobile. Utterz lets you send video, photos, text and even voice to a single email address and, with a few very simple email commands, you can choose which of your blogs gets updated with that new post.

If you only have one blog but you want to post video from the road and have it automatically get posted to the blog, Utterz can do that too. It's especially useful if you only have mobile email, not full web access from your mobile.

I have Utterz set up so I can post to 3 blogs, my livejournal, my twitter account, plus youtube and blip.tv. If I wanted to, I could tell any or all of those to post automatically with anything I send to Utterz. That doesn't suit me, so instead I use simple commands at the end of my posts to tell Utterz which service to send the update to. These services are pretty good to be getting on with, but support for posting to Brightkite, Zooomr (especially) and Vox would be very useful too.

The funny thing is, Utterz aren't selling themselves as a moblogging manager. The main feature they promote is that you can make a voice call to an Utterz phone number (and there must be plenty of them, because they have one here in Brisbane, Australia) and record a voice message which can get sent to your blog. This is an interesting idea as it brings live mobile voice blogging within reach of anyone with a mobile phone, even if it has no data access at all.

Utterz also has the usual social functions built in: people can comment on your posts (unless you choose to make them private), friend you and so on. But it's real strength is as a way to easily manage your mobile blogging. All your mobile posts are stored at Utterz as well as on your blog, and you can easily decide to send your posts to one, some or all of your blogs.

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