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9/11 Paranoia? JUST SAY NO

You can buy this T-Shirt if you click here and visit my shop at Spreadshirt.com (I made it after ripping off an idea from the 9/11 Truthers).

Or you could look on Google Image Search, download one of the "inside job" images and make up a T-Shirt yourself. I'd hate to profiteer without giving you the chance to do it yourself. But if you can't be bothered, I'll willingly take your money.


nerinossa said...

Or you could look on Google Image Search, download one of the "inside job" images and make up a T-Shirt yourself

Decco's Blog said...

Or you could actually get yourself informed on the subject by looking up www.ae911truth.org before you end up looking like a right plonker when someone who is informed starts to debate you. And you will still be stood there wearing that stupid T-shirt; ha ha.

David J said...

Oh look! We've spotted a real 9-11 Truther! Now people, be sure to keep your arms and hands inside the vehicle, as these magnificent yet deluded creatures have a nasty bite, and you *don't* want to get infected!

This truther seems to think that being "informed" means "subscribing to the paranoid bullshit found on 9-11 Truther sites". He or she is incorrect.

To get informed, read this article from Popular Mechanics magazine. It debunks most of the popular myths/lies that the 9/11 truthers like to spread.

You can also read this guide to the lies and errors in "Loose Change", one of the more popular tinfoil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-theory-believing movies.

Then, for a more lighthearted yet open-minded and friendly view of the matter, have a look at this page, entitled "There is NO 9/11 conspiracy you morons!". It's by Maddox the Pirate and it's part of The Best Page In The Universe.

And staying lighthearted, check out this video on YouTube called "Unfastened Coins" which mocks the 9/11 truthers by pointing out "flaws" in the theory that an iceberg sunk the Titanic.

And remember: Ice-berg. Berg. What race of people have a common surname ending in "berg"? Huh? Hint: they work in/own banks. Which is about as close to logic, reason and reality as these moronic 9-11 "truthers" ever get.