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How will we take over the world and run it ourselves
instead of having to work for the bosses who own everything?
One thing's for sure - we'll need exciting, powerful,
curious and free people on our side, not the boring pseudo-left

My other camera is grown up

It generally behaves more responsibly than the mobile phone. It takes clearer, better-defined photos, but does not have any mobile communication. The mobile is very low fi, but I can email photos directly to the internet via mms. I can also include up to 1000 characters in this part of each picture's post, and there is a Sydney number I can call to do live audio recording down the phone line that gets sent to the blog as well. I only pay my usual rates for that - 10 c per minute. And this is only just over 500 characters.

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patrick said...

Nice Fuji David! ;)

How are you finding it, btw?