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Pro-Labor 'Patriot' Andrew Landeryou's rather nasty Melbourne-based, scandal-happy, but sometimes-well-informed political blog The Other Cheek, needed to make a crude distortion of Juanita Wheeler for a story about a hotly-contested Queensland Greens preselection. So he turned to the photo above, taken by me. It's under Creative Commons, so you're free to use it, but you're supposed to give credit, and Landeryou didn't.

We're not surprised known patriot Landeryou didn't credit the photo as he should have. The patriot would be unlikely to give any credit to Let's Take Over, the far-left blog that's a big part of this photostream.

And he's already bankrupt, so you can't sue even if you could prove money damage, which you couldn't, so it would be a waste of time. And the whole idea of Creative Commons is to spread your work, so I guess I should just write a witty comment or something.

But we are surprised that a right-winger(1) like Landeryou would have to turn to a commie photostream like this one. Maybe I should take more photos of politicians and spread the word that they are here.

(1) "he's so right-wing, he votes Labor" - David Williamson once said in a play about someone else entirely

The photo is from the story 'How Pakistan Tortured my Brother', where Les Thomas spoke. He's brother of Jack Thomas ('Jihad Jack'), who says he was tortured while under arrest by political police in Pakistan.

The story features photos of the rally and march, acerbic yet progressive commentary, audio recordings of the speeches (including the good one by Les Thomas) and maps of the route of the march.

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