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Sunday Morning - news from and about Palm Island: reaction to the news that DPP Leanne Clare won't charge S/Sgt Hurley with Mulrunji's murder.

John Andersen in the Townsville Bulletin, a News/Murdoch tabloid, reports that a civil case will be launched by the Palm Island Council against S/Sgt Hurley.

Andersen goes out of his way to report successful relations between acting Palm Island Mayor Zac Sam, and S/Sgt Paul James, current QPS officer-in-charge on Palm Island:

Cr Sam's taking the helm at an early stage has helped ease what might have been a volatile situation.

This has been eased by police maintaining a near-invisible profile and doing nothing that could be construed as provocative.

Andersen reports that the civil case will be conducted by Boe Lawyers, who have represented the Palm Island council before - you can see a resume of their work for the council if you click here.

Boe Lawyers' homepage says:

To achieve individual justice the system must sometimes yield and the state of the law must be tested. Some of our notable cases have sought to achieve this. They also demonstrate our innovation and flexibility and our capacity to look beyond what might appear to others to be accepted limits.

Andersen also reports on the grief of Mulrunji's relatives - WARNING, Mulrunji's name before he died is used in this story.

Elsewhere in the Townsville Bulletin, Selina Sharratt reports on Saturday's mayoral election on Palm Island.

The Sydney Morning Herald prints a story from the AAP wire about a community rally held yesterday on Palm Island:

The ABC also carries a report about the Palm Island rally - WARNING - link has a picture of Mulrunji.

Darrell Giles in The Sunday Mail (News Ltd) reports that Queensland Premier Peter Beattie will visit Palm Island 'as early as this week'.

News Ltd's Courier Mail North Queensland reporter Peter Michael reports the reaction of Mulrunji's sister Valmai Alpin, while the ABC's Message Stick quotes:

the coordinator of the Palm Island Men's Group, Robert Blackley, [who] says he expects an angry reaction to Ms Clare's decision.

"The public prosecutor just called me, I guess in my capacity as men's group coordinator, to inform me that no charges will be laid against Chris Hurley in relation to the death of Mulrunji and I'm pretty pissed off about that," he said.

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