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Friendly people needed to hand out leaflets to the public at the Justice for Mulrunji march in Brisbane on Wed Dec 20th - rally noon Queens Park

If you are pleasant and friendly, and if you don't mind handing out some leaflets at the march to shoppers who are waiting for the march to pass them by on Wednesday, you could really help keep the Mulrunji story in the minds of the public.

I'm going to go up to shoppers and say "sorry to keep you waiting, we won't be long but this is really important, this explains what we're doing", and give them a leaflet. Will you join me?

If so, email me: djackmanson@gmail.com

Or turn up to the rally. I'll try and say something quickly on the microphone, and I will be wearing a T-shirt with a big orange question mark. I'll probably be taking photographs.

Please pass this message on to anyone you think might help.

Online Petition - Dave Riley has organised an online petition - click here to see it on his blog.

You can sign the petition, or download it and collect signatures to take to the rally.

On Wednesday, December 20th, 2006, people will rally at midday in Queens Park, Brisbane City, and march to Parliament House, to demand that Leanne Clare be dismissed, and replaced with someone who will act on the evidence in front of them and charge S/Sgt Hurley. Click here for more details.

Queen's Park is on the corner of Elizabeth and George Sts, behind the casino and across George St from Casino Towers.

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