Politics, Activism, Culture and Fun in Brisbane, Australia.
How will we take over the world and run it ourselves
instead of having to work for the bosses who own everything?
One thing's for sure - we'll need exciting, powerful,
curious and free people on our side, not the boring pseudo-left

Will Girl On Girl Action Get You To Buy Ugly Overpriced Luggage That Proves You Are Rich?

- OK junior, do you have any ideas for the Vuitton account?

- Well Boss, this is a bit strange, it's not tried very often, but maybe, just maybe, if we get two girls in the picture, men will think they are lovers.

Then, men will buy the handbags for their mistresses, in the hope that THEY will put on a show with a girlfriend. What do you say, Boss?

- Well, we'll try it junior, but I don't really think men would want to watch that. Just as long as you make the girls scrawny...have you been working out, by the way?

Window display of Louis Vuitton, Queens Plaza, Queen St Mall and Edward St, Brisbane, Australia

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