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Surpassing Mao Zedong

I've just posted 1500 words over at Last Superpower in response to "Remembering Mao Tsetung", a post about the 30th anniversary of Mao Zedong's death, on September 9th.

One of the keys to the original post is the quote:

I just checked back on an old article It is right to rebel first published in The Age, (Melbourne Australia), on Friday 24 December 1993 under the title 'The revolution lives on long after Mao' for the Centenary of Mao's birth. Should be easy enough to pick out some obviously faulty analysis that could explain why nothing that could plausibly be described as an organized communist movement with a grasp of the ideas Mao developed has become visible again in the 14 years since then.

Sorry, still beats me. We obviously hadn't figured out what to do then and we still haven't now but I honestly still cannot see what we got wrong about the direction things were going.
I've come up with some ideas about what to do, and what to think about, right now:

We can do little to start a revolution. In fact, one of the almost-certainties of history is that if there is a genuinely revolutionary situation in Australia in our lives, we will be tagging behind as the working class finally decides that it has had enough.

What we can do is ask:

What sort of working class would be most likely to revolt, given the chance?

What sort of working class would be most likely to successfully build socialism, stop the certain counter-revolution, and progress towards communism?

and, once we have an answer:

What can we do to help working class people be like that?
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think a party is the best way to attract and organise workers - I don't think ad-hoc arrangements are effective enough.

But who knows which is the right road from here to there?