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Brisbane pro-Palestinian activists to speak in city this Saturday, September 23rd.

I'll be going to an anti-war activist rally in Brisbane city on Saturday. I won't be agreeing with most of what people say there: I think troops should stay in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I don't think the USA is planning war on Iran or Syria, despite the current blustering.

What I am interested in is the Freedom for Palestine bit. I do belive that the Palestinians must have justice, and I also think there is far too much anti-Semitism from some who oppose Israel. George Galloway's statement that 'We are all Hizb'Allah now' is in my opinion very wrong. It is one thing to say that Hizb'Allah has the right to resist Israel's aggression. But you have to recognise, in my opinion, that they are quite reactionary (fascist?), certainly not democrats, and should not be blindly glorified.

Galloway's line looks pretty bad when you compare it with the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, who are very much anti-war (including the Iraq war), but refuse to chant anti-Semitic slogans, and support Israel's right to exist.

The pro-Palestinian activist who told me about the rally is, from what I have seen of him, unlikely to make this sort of mistake. He recommended Fair Go For Palestine, another Brisbane pro-Palestinian group.

The rally is in Post Office Square at 11am. To get to the Square, go to the end of the Queen St Mall on Edward St (the Valley end, not the River end), and walk along Queen St away from the mall. The big Post Office (the GPO) is about 200m away from the mall, and Post Office Square is just across from it.

If you are going by train, get off at Central station, walk straight down Edward St and turn left, or Creek St and turn right, into Queen st after you get past Adelaide St.

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