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Are you working over Easter? #workingeaster

 So, are you working over (Catholic/Protestant) Easter in a country where, like here in Australia, almost everyone else goes on holiday for a four-day weekend? I am, for a couple of shifts, and I'll be using the #workingeaster hashtag on Twitter to connect with other people who are working. So if you're working at Easter and want to chat about what it's like to be on deck on a public holiday, leave a comment on Twitter using the #workingeaster hashtag or, if Twitter doesn't interest you, leave a comment here on this blog post.

(What the hell is a hashtag? Click here for more info).

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If you're from the USA or somewhere where the city doesn't shut down this long weekend, here's how Good Friday's almost total shutdown in Australia caught American recording artist ?uestlove by surprise two years ago.

It's not that Australians are particularly religious compared to people in the USA, but Easter has long been a very popular holiday with both Christian believers AND those who hold to other creeds, or none, in Australia.

BTW ?uestlove gets it a bit wrong, he's on the Gold Coast, not in Brisbane, but he does say Brisbane properly (it's BRIZ-bun, not Briz-BANE, - Briz-BANE is how you say the name of Brisbane in California, near San Francisco).

1 comment:

Natalie said...

It really really annoys me how Brisbane shuts down over easter! You basically need to plan in advance and make sure you have all your staples, a flashlight, a radio and spare batteries :P

I work from home, so I'll probably be working this weekend just like I work every weekend!