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Greens branch official Sam Clifford approves of police arresting peaceful protesters at Queensland University of Technology

Sam Clifford, who posts on livejournal as ronaldraygun is the Membership Secretary of the North Brisbane branch of the Queensland Greens.

He's argued here that it's perfectly OK for police to be called to arrest members of the group Students for Social Justice, who were protesting the detention of David Hicks in Guantanamo Bay.

For the record, I disagree with SfSJ. Hicks is being held perfectly legally as a prisoner of war, as authorised by the Third Geneva Convention. (The kangaroo court that the USA proposes to try him in is another matter).

I also think Hicks should give his parole and be released, but should also be watched by the security services. He took up arms with a reactionary, malignant group - the Taliban.

But the hypocrisy of this Green is incredible. He thinks that 'permits' and 'rules' are more important than free speech. SfSJ have the right to state their opinion, without the self-important busybodies who run the QUT Student Union censoring them and calling the police.

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