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Rally against black deaths in custody - Mon Feb 8 2010, Roma St, Outside police HQ

There's a rally on Monday February 8th 2010 to protest black deaths in custody. It's at 1pm outside the Queensland Police HQ at 200 Roma St in town - click here for a Google Map.

The rally will call for an end to bashings and deaths of black deaths in custody, and for justice for black prisoners who have already been killed in custody. Rally organisers state that no Queensland police officer has ever been convicted of any Aboriginal death in custody, despite Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley changing his story before giving evidence into the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee in Palm Island in 2006.

The rally will also demand another Royal Commission into black deaths in custody.

The best way to get to the rally by public transport is to catch a train or a bus to the Roma St Transit Centre - the Google Map shows the Roma St transit centre and the police HQ. The Translink journey planner will help you find bus or train timetables.

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